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Terms & Conditions

1. Cancellation Policy:

  • 7 working days or less = 25% of the course cost.

  • 3 working days or less = 75% of the course cost.

  • Cancellation on the day, or non attendance = 100% of the course cost including all fees.

  • ACE will charge any additional fees that have been incurred as a result of cancellation.

2. Payment Terms:

  • Payment is strictly net 30 days unless otherwise stated.

  • Order numbers, if required must be supplied before completion of training.

  • If an order number is not produced payment is still expected from the date of the invoice.

  • ACE reserve the right to withhold any certification until payment has been received.

  • Information may not be uploaded to awarding bodies should payment for previous invoices remain outstanding. This may incur additional charges to yourselves and result in delegates being required to attend the training again, should this occur payment will still be due.

  • CSCS Tests are administered separately to the QNUK training, the CSCS test booked as part of the package is to be sat on the day of training or a designated day of the following week.  ACE Training will defer to 1 day with a valid reason (determined by ACE Training), a no show will result in an additional test fee of £40.00 being issued.  Any subsequent tests will be charged at £40.00 each.  (Please note the CSCS test must be completed within the current financial year of the booking).

3. Certification:

  • Certification is issued to the ACE Training and is issued to learners when training and testing has been completed.

  • ACE reserve the right to withhold any certification until payment has been received.

4. Bookings & Confirmation

  • By signing the booking form, you are confirming that the details listed are correct.

  • No course booking is confirmed until we have received a completed booking form. Upon receipt, joining instructions will be issued (if required).

  • It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure delegates wear suitable clothing for the course they are attending.

  • For courses taking place at a customer’s premises, equipment relating to the course may need to be supplied, along with a suitable training area for the training to take place.

  • For courses being held at customer’s premises appropriate business insurance is held along with any other documentation relevant to the training.

  • I/we confirm that the instructor provided by ACE has the authority to operate any plant / machinery necessary to deliver the course listed above.

  • Should suitable facilities and / or equipment not be provided, the instructor reserves the right to stop the training. Payment is still required in full.

  • Any special requirements that may have an effect upon the course must be stated above.

5. Facilities

  • Hot & cold drinks are available.

  • Refreshments are not provided with any course unless otherwise stated.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Any data or information provided to ACE Training for the purposes of event attendance will be processed by means of a computer database or otherwise. Delegate information will also be passed onto Awarding Bodies for purposes of certification etc. You may, from time to time, receive business information relevant to your work from us. We do not make our mailing list available to any outside organisations.

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