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At ACE Training, we provide a range of health and safety training courses. We are able to serve everyone from large organisations right through to individual learners.

Help with CSCS training

How to get a CSCS Card

Health and safety courses at ACE Training

List of environment tests that are available at ACE Training:

  • HS&E Test for Operatives.

  • S&E Test for Managers and Professionals.

  • HS&E Specialist Demolition Test.

  • HS&E Specialist HVACR Test (Ductwork).

  • HS&E Specialist HVACR Test (Heating and Plumbing).

  • HS&E Specialist Highway Works Test.

  • HS&E Specialist Lifts and Escalators Test.

  • HS&E HVACR Test (Pipe Fitting and Welding).

  • HS&E Specialist Plumbing (JIB) Test.

  • HS&E HVACR Test (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning).

  • HS&E Supervisors Test.

  • HS&E Specialist Tunneling Test.

  • HS&E Specialist Working at Height Test.

  • Health and Safety Awareness Test.

Cost £40.00* per test.

  • Testing takes place every Wednesday (alternative testing days can be discussed).
    *The HS&E Test (CSCS) is £22.50 per person, the additional cost is administration fees.

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